Fall and early Winter Flies

Fall and early Winter Flies that can be a real Nuisance There are several types of flies that can be found around the barn and your house in the fall and early winter as they seek shelter from the cold.  They love to find warm, sunny areas inside and outside of buildings.  They will eek into cracks around windows, vents … Read More

What did one Fly say to another?

What did one Fly say to another? I’ll be back. Many farm managers are welcoming the cooler weather even if it means chopping away ice from the water buckets and shoveling frozen stalls. Why? Because the blasted flies are gone. At least until warmer weather returns. I think Arnold Schwarzenegger got his famous line in the Terminator “I’ll be back” … Read More

Who’s your go to Bug for Natural Pest Control?

Who’s your go to bug for natural pest control when infestations take claim to your beautiful garden? Beneficial Insects have been counted on to provide ongoing pest control in gardens, around homes and businesses since the late 1880’s. Right now, cutworms, aphids, spider mites and other “bad bugs” might be destroying your flower beds and vegetable gardens. What is an … Read More

My First Encounter with Fly Parasites

My first encounter with fly parasites was definitely not my last. When I first heard about fly predators I was intrigued. I didn’t know a thing about them. In fact, I had always gone the conventional route, with sprays and insecticides to combat the flies at the barn. I had tried to “go green” one year, brewing up all sorts … Read More

Natural Solution for Cluster Flies

Natural solution for Cluster flies as the temperatures drop and these little guys head indoors. If you think summer is the time for swatting pesky insects than you have never encountered Cluster flies. These guys are big and black and make their debut in the fall when they tend to hover around the sunny side of your house. They are … Read More

From the Horse’s Mouth

From the horse’s mouth about those darn, annoying, biting barn flies. Can I tell you a secret?  Mr. Ed, the talking horse, was real.  All horses can talk if you would only listen.  How do I know that? My name is Hunter.  I’m a 34 year old off-the-track Thoroughbred.  In other words, I’ve been around the barn a time or … Read More

You’ve Got Fly Mail

You’ve got fly mail – those amazing fly parasites have finally arrived.  Now what the heck do you do with them? Your fly parasites will arrive in the egg stage, mixed with wood shavings or sawdust.  When you first open the box and hold the bag up to the light you might see a couple of tiny bugs crawling around … Read More

Fly Parasites for Natural Horse Fly Control

Fly Parasites for natural horse fly control – they’re not just another fly on the wall. For ten years I owned and operated a horse farm.  Now I know why people who worked the land had huge families.  We only had ten acres, but between the horses, lesson program, pastures, fences and an 18 stall barn, myself, husband and two … Read More

Fly Parasites Gain Acceptance in the Horse Barn

Fly Parasites Gain Acceptance in the Horse Barn In the barn battle against flies, Fly Parasites faced an uphill battle. They just were not being credited with the power they have to help control flies. People who had no problem using toxic sprays, traps, baits and time released sprays were reluctant releasing beneficial insects – until they found out how … Read More

Apple Maggots Can Ruin A Crop!

How’s Your Apples? or Battling the Apple Maggot Fall is the time of year that many unfortunate home gardeners find out they have an apple maggot problem. It is unfortunate not only that they have a destructive pest problem to deal with, but also because they have lost out on a season’s worth of apples! The good news is both … Read More