Rove Beetle Dalotia coriaria

Target pest thrips, fungas gants, root aphids & shore flies

Rove beetles are a soil-dwelling predator that feeds on small insects and mites. Both adults and larvae are active aggressive predators and are attracted to decomposing plant or animal material and algae, where their hosts are found. They are light to dark brown in color, with adults being 3-4 mm long. They are slender with short wing covers. Rove beetles have an interesting habit of curving their abdomen upwards like scorpions. 

The move about the soil and can fly from plant to plant when hunting for food. 

Release throughout the greenhouse at a rate of 1 per 10 sq feet To ensure reproduction and mating, release 50-100 in one spot in the center of the release area.

Rove beetles are most effective when applications are started when pest population first decide. One application of rove beetle per crop cycle is usually sufficient if started early in the season. Works well with stratiolaelaps.

Rove beetles are used primarily to control shore flies, root aphids and fungus gnats as well as other small arthropods in the soil or planting media. They also help control soil stages of thrips and feed on most other small soil organisms such as moth flies, springtails, and root mealybugs.

Do not water soil or growing medium 10 minutes before and a few hours after release. Release in centrally located area where major infestation is on damp soil. Only open when ready to release as some may fly.

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