Mother Nature's Fly Control.

Fly Parasites target the larvae, killing the flies before the flies hatch and start laying eggs giving you a 70% reduction in flies.

Half Unit 7500 pupae $17.75
Full Unit 15,000 pupae $33.35

Fly Parasites are a mix of Muscidifurax raptorellus, Spalangia cameroni & Muscidifurax zaraptor

Fly Parasites are gnat sized, do not sting or bite and are nocturnal so they aren't active when you and your animals are. Fly parasites have been proven highly effective in a wide range of applications. Horses, cows, poultry, feed lots and waste water treatment facilities. Anywhere flies breed and causeĀ irritation and health problems to animals and humans.

How Fly Parasites Work

Flies are not particular about where they live or get their food, but the female fly is careful about where she lays her eggs. She looks for fresh manure, decomposing organic wastes or garbage. She will lay up to 21 batches of eggs during her brief 30 day lifespan.

Fly Control, Huntington Beach, CA

Spider Mite Problems?

Spider Mites attack vegetable and ornamental plants outdoors and in green house settings. But when spider mites show up on cannabis, the problem gets expensive fast. Over the last several years states have legalized the growing and use of cannabis for medical and recreational use. Growing indoors, controlling the heat, humidity and lights affords the benefits of growing several crops a year. It also offers and excellent environment for pests to thrive without the natural beneficial insects that are in nature to control the problem.

Since cannabis is grown for human consumption in both flower and concentrate form attention needs to be given to how growers are dealing with the pest problems. At March Biological we have been providing beneficial insects for natural pest control for over 25 years. Here is a list of pests that target cannabis and the beneficial insects to kill them.