Steinernema Carpocapsae, Heterorhabditis

Target pest: Fleas, Grubs, Cranefly, Root Weevil

For the average homeowner, organic gardener, or farmer, Beneficial Nematodes offer the greatest value when it comes to biological control, due to the wide variety of pests they control and how easy it is to get great results. Root weevil, European crane fly, grubs, ants, fleas, cut worm, and over 250 soil dwelling pests that are so difficult to control using other methods are just a tasty mid afternoon snack for Beneficial Nematodes. Any pest that spends any part of its life cycle in the soil falls prey, most before they enter their adult stage.

Beneficial Nematodes are microscopic and live below the soil surface and like a moist environment. Looking like short non-segmented worms these voracious predators make their way through your lawn and garden looking for food. Nematodes do not harm worms, birds, plants or the environment, in fact they are part of the environment and are found the world over.

When the nematode comes in contact with a pest the attack by entering through body openings or simply by boring through the body wall. Once inside the Nematode will release a bacteria that kills its host within 48 hours. They will feed and reproduce before exiting in search of fresh prey.

Beneficial Nematodes are sold live on sponges that can be stored under refrigeration for a week or two before use. A few gallons of water is used as a carrying agent. This concentrate can be applied through a hose end sprayer, pump sprayer or with the use of a watering can. Container growers can mix a bucket full and dunk individual pots. Can be used inside on potted plants that have fungus gnat infestation. 1 million covers 3000 square feet, 6 million covers 1/4 acre, and 24 million covers 1 acre.

Quantity 1 Million 3000 Sq Ft 6 Million 1/4 Acre 25 Million 1 Acre
Price $19.50 $69.00 $235.00