Encarsia formosa

Smaller than the head of a pin, the Encarsia feeds only on whitefly and is both a predator and a parasite, in that the adult female will eat the adult whitefly and lay eggs in the whitefly larvae. The female will lay between 100 and 200 eggs, reproducing faster than the whitefly. Works well in conjunction with Ladybugs and Green Lacewing and are not attracted to Sticky Yellow Cards. Release 5 to 10 Encarsia when whitefly is first noticed and follow up with reapplication every 10 to 14 days until infestation is controlled. Check the undersides of leaves for the whitefly’s spherical, scale-like larvae.

Magnification is necessary as they are almost translucent at this stage. Once the larvae has been parasitized they will appear black in color. Snip these leaves and scatter throughout the greenhouse as an adult Encarsia will emerge in about 20 days. Your order comes as mature pupae in host eggs glued to a small card that hangs from infested plants. Orders must be placed Friday for shipping the following Wednesday. Orders outside Oregon must ship 2nd day FedEx.

Quantity 1000 eggs
Price $21.00

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