T. plantneri, T. brassicae, T. pretiosum

Target pest: Coddling Moth, Cabbage Loopers, Fruitworm.

The eggs of over 200 varieties of destructive larvae of moths and butterflies are targeted by the tiny Trichogramma. This happens when the Trichogramma female lays one or more of her eggs into the larger Lepidoptera (moth) egg. The Trichogramma egg hatches into a small larvae that feeds on the eggs inside, thereby killing it before the moth egg enters its destructive caterpillar stage. After 8 to 10 days of development an adult Trichogramma emerges to mate and begin the search for fresh moth eggs in which to lay its own.

The key to success is knowing what caterpillar pests you’re dealing with and when these moths start to lay eggs. Release of Trichogramma must coincide with this stage. Multiple releases are normally required. Eggs are sold on cards for easy dispersal or in bulk for larger areas. Use 1 square per 100 square feet. Little or nothing will be gained by releasing in only part of an orchard, as moths will only migrate from areas not treated. Continue to release through the moth’s egg-laying stage. Call or email for prices on covering larger areas. Orders outside Oregon must ship 2nd day FedEx.

Quantity 30 squares= 1 card
Price $24.00