Natural Solution for Cluster Flies

Natural solution for Cluster flies as the temperatures drop and these little guys head indoors.

Cluster Fly and natural fly predators

If you think summer is the time for swatting pesky insects than you have never encountered Cluster flies. These guys are big and black and make their debut in the fall when they tend to hover around the sunny side of your house. They are looking for warmth from the north winds and are very sneaky about finding ways into your house to hibernate for the long winter months.

On warm days they will craw out of attics and wall spaces in a drunken state looking for a way back outside, often in large numbers.

Some people refer to them as attic flies. The good news is that when they are inside they do not reproduce. The females only lay eggs outside in dirt. As winter approaches their main focus is finding a warm, cozy, winter hideout. The bad news is that you have a ton of flies in your house!!! The flies can leave small dark-colored spots of pooh on walls and windows. They are not known to carry diseases that affect humans but fly pooh is fly pooh.


Now would be a good time to make sure window and door frames are sealed. Do a thorough inspection around your house to fill/cover any cracks, vents openings that might allow a swarm of cluster flies into your warm abode.

If you do find you have a cluster fly problem it is not recommended to spray pesticides inside your home. Pesticides can be extremely toxic to people, pets and the environment.

It is recommended that you order your fly parasites. Sprinkle the natural fly predators around the outside of your house to kill any cluster flies that might be lurking about already.

Fly Parasites are gnat size, nocturnal, and do not sting or bite. They spend their entire life cycle on or near manure or decomposing organic material and will not migrate into patios, kitchens or houses. Fly Parasites are just about unnoticeable. They are the coolest bugs in town!