What Causes Fly Infestation?

Did you ever wonder why there are so many flies in the summer? Firstly this is because flies start their reproduction cycle at the start of summer and secondly they mate and reproduce at an astonishing speed. An average house fly lives for about 2 weeks but can singularly be responsible for the birth of thousands of flies thus causing … Read More

The Powerful Praying Mantis

The praying mantis is a very interesting beneficial insect that feeds on garden pests and is fun to watch as they do it. They get their name from the distinctive way their bent front arms are held together in a praying position and the name mantis comes from the Greek word prophet. Praying mantis have triangular heads that they can … Read More

Red Spider Mites

Red Spider Mites are an arachnid, having 4 pairs of legs, no antennae and have a single oval body. They live on the underside of leaves and since they are about the size of the period at the end of this sentence they somewhat hard to identify. Adult spider mites will pierce the plant cell and suck the fluid, leaving … Read More

Commercial Fly Sprays

When checking the labels of commercial fly sprays you will find the most common active ingredients are pyrethrins and pyrethroids. Pyrethrins are chemicals extracted from some species of Chrysanthemums.They provide a quick knockdown of pests and are safe for use on animals. Piperonyl butoxide is a synergist that is added to increase effectiveness. Unfortunately pyrethrins are broken down by sunlight … Read More