What Causes Fly Infestation?

Did you ever wonder why there are so many flies in the summer? Firstly this is because flies start their reproduction cycle at the start of summer and secondly they mate and reproduce at an astonishing speed. An average house fly lives for about 2 weeks but can singularly be responsible for the birth of thousands of flies thus causing fly infestation.

In order to derive ways of eliminating fly infestation we need to know what causes fly infestation. Only a couple of days after an adult female fly emerges from the pupa, she will start to lay eggs, maybe 250 at a time and she lays eggs daily.

In order to lay the eggs, she must first look for decaying or rotting grounds which includes garbage cans, a dead animal carcass lying around or any other rotting food source. And it is possible that such breeding grounds be found on the kitchen counter tops.

So once the fly has found good nesting grounds it will lay tons of eggs. These eggs hatch within the next 24 hours; and what comes out is an off white, translucent, worm like creature which starts to feed on the rotting object almost immediately and they keep on growing. After 5 days they change into a pupa, where in they develop themselves into a fly and emerge after another 2-3 days. So a single fly causes the addition of so many flies in the region and every single fly keeps on reproducing till it dies.

If the fly infestation is kept unchecked, it can increase in number even more and because they feed or nest on rotting objects, they become carriers of harmful diseases. So next time don’t think that the pretty flowers in the vase have attracted the flies; because flies are more a symptom of bad hygiene than a symbol of beautiful fragrance.

Therefore if you identify a fly infestation, beware that something or some dead animal is rotting somewhere. Fly infestation can happen in the homes as well. If it does then the cause of it should be immediately identified and eliminated. It can also be a dead rodent stuck in the walls somewhere.

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