Plus the video – β€œ3 Things to know when shopping for Natural Fly Control.”

It is really pestering not being able to enjoy the summer evenings in the garden just because of those annoying house flies. Flies have this uncanny way of just flying around and making those weird noises which could make anyone go mad to the point of getting up and trying to kill them. In addition to that, they are carriers of germs as well.

There are many ways one could get rid of flies, the most common way is to use pesticides; however going green is the better way. There are several other natural ways to get rid of flies.

The first thing which you could try is to create an atmosphere which minimizes the attraction of flies towards your home. It’s like they say, ?prevention is better than cure.? Similarly keep your home clean, because flies are more attracted to decaying organic stuff rather than just coming towards food. So any decaying fruits lying unattended or in the garbage, should be wrapped up in garbage bags and thrown at a garbage disposal site a little farther away from home.

The next thing you can try is to install net screens in all the passage doors and in ventilation sites if they are not already there. And if they are, check them for holes and tears which could prevent the entrance of these pests. Flies are very small; they can find their way in if they want to; so search your home well for any passage areas.

Another, rather weird way of getting rid of flies, which a lot of people especially farm owners are trying out now is the release of parasitoid wasp. This incredible insect lives by feeding only on fly larvae. The wasp finds the larva, stings it and hatches its own egg inside. Once this baby wasp larvae hatches, it starts to feed on the dead fly pupa and weeks later, emerges out as an adult wasp.

Therefore, instead of using unnatural ways to get rid of flies, there are many more effective and natural ways of getting rid of them; all that is needed is some discovering.