Bug hotels, where the good bugs can check in so that the bad bugs stay checked out.

Bug hotels  where the good bugs can check in More and more gardeners are realizing the worth of beneficial insects and are starting to create ways to keep them around. Most of us have heard about pollinator gardens, a place for butterflies and bees to forage. But what about the creepy crawlies, lady bugs and other good bugs? They need nooks and crannies and places to go to make up for the loss of natural habitats like a Bug hotel.

Building bug boxes or hotels to bring in the good bugs will also reduce the need for harmful pesticides. Why do you think some bugs are known as beneficial insects? They feed, chomp and destroy a lot of unwanted garden pests.

There are many designs and plans on the internet as well as professional companies that will build specific bug hotels for your needs and gardens. Either way, bug hotels should have lots of nooks, crannies and cubbies filled with natural and recycled materials like moss, bamboo and twigs to lure in the green lacewings, spider mite predators, lady bugs and other beneficial insects.

Thankfully, bugs aren’t too picky about where they live so bug hotels are easy to construct.
And with the snow still piling up and winter winds howling now is a good time to start planning and building your bug hotels.

Do you have questions about which bugs you would like to have hanging around this summer to protect your garden and lawns? If you need specific information on beneficial insects, contact Brad the Bugman. He knows his bugs.

When you get your bug hotel completed send us a picture on facebook! We would love to see what you’ve designed.