Chrysopeia rufilabris

Target pests: Aphids, Whitefly, Leafminer, Mites

The Green Lacewing is not as widely known as the Lady Bug but controls the same type of pests and is not as prone to fly off. They are sold in their egg stage, which will hatch into larvae in 3 to 5 days, or in the larvae stage for faster control. It is in the larvae stage where the Lacewing controls pests. They look like flat alligators with hollow tusks called mandibles that they use to pierce their prey and suck out body fluids. After 14 to 21 days the larvae pupates into a cocoon for about 14 days to emerge as an adult.

Adult Lacewings are a beautiful green with long translucent wings and large golden eyes. Adults feed on nectar, pollen and honeydew to stimulate their reproductive process. An adult female will lay about 200 eggs. With the right plants it is easy to get a colony of Lacewing to call a healthy garden home.

Lacewing work well in conjunction with Lady Bugs, Spider Mite Predators and Trichogramma. Release 1 Lacewing per sq ft of garden or greenhouse area then repeat every 10 to 14 days until control has been achieved. Early starts get better results faster. Order eggs for the best value, larvae for quickest control. Will not be attracted to Sticky Yellow Cards.

Life Cycle of the Green Lacewing


The adult Green Lacewing will live from between 20 to 40 days and will live on plant pollen and honeydew produced by aphids, scales and whitefly. Each female will lay between 10 to 30 eggs daily. The larvae will emerge in about 5 days and are aggressive predators of many garden pests.

Quantity 1000 Eggs 5000 Eggs Green Lacewing Larvae (1000)
Price $11.00 $31.00 $38.00